Financial Issues

Financial Issues

Financial Issues are often the most significant and worrying issues following a relationship breakdown. The future may look uncertain, and it is quite normal and usual for parties to be concerned as to how their finances will be considered as part of the breakdown process.

Housing and income

Housing is often the first worry on people’s minds, particularly if there are dependent children. You may also be concerned as to how you are going to have enough income to meet day-to-day bills.

Your longer term financial future

Longer term issues, such as capital security, pensions and inheritance also have to be taken into account when considering your financial future. The provision of two households will usually mean some reduction in living standards; that is something you may have to accept.

Help from other professional advisors

Each situation is different, sometimes presenting very difficult problems for the parties and their advisers to tackle. Provided the parties are realistic, and the lawyers can be constructive (sometimes relying on other professional advisers, such as accountants, specialist pension advisers and suitably qualified financial advisers), the best outcome can usually be achieved at a realistic cost.

Legal Costs

Legal costs are also worrying but in most cases I can give a fairly realistic estimate of costs to bring the case to a conclusion.  For more information about how costs are worked out, see the detailed costs page here.