Legal Costs

It is very important that you have as much information as possible about the potential legal costs of proceeding with any legal action.

I have a professional duty to give you my best estimate of the likely costs, and if this changes, to keep you informed. I will normally send you a bill when the cost of work done is more than £100. A detailed printout will be included, showing how the costs have been calculated. As I am not VAT registered your costs will be 20% lower than larger firms who have to charge VAT.

From time to time I will send you a detailed letter which sets out my charges, and how my costs are calculated.

My bills are payable on delivery, but if you have any difficulties in making payment, please let me know straight away, so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

At any time, if there is anything that you are not sure about in relation to my charges are, please contact me so that we can sort it out without delay.

Costs incurred from other professional advisors

If I have to involve other professional advisers, for instance accountants, valuers or pension specialists, I will obtain a quotation for their fees before committing you to any further expense. I will however ask you to pay these expenses directly.