Adele and Simon

It is always sad when relationships come to an end, and in a strange way, for people in the public eye, we can feel a bit involved.

However as a lawyer I always find that agreed settlements are far preferable in so many ways to going to court. Celebrities have enough money to afford lawyers, but many realise that use of experienced lawyers to guide them through to an agreed and confidential settlement is the best way.

Many child psychologists have said that one of the biggest factors in relationship breakdowns involving children is how the children see their parents relating to each other through that breakdown.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, please please please, don’t rush off to court, but find a collaborative lawyer at who can help you through.

Pre-Nups and Downs

ON THE UP: Pre-Nups

DID YOU KNOW? You don’t necessarily need to already have huge personal wealth to seek a Pre-Nuptual agreement. More and more couples are making legal agreements about how to divide things fairly, taking a proactive approach towards tying the knot.

ON THE DOWN: Court-Imposed Divorce Orders

DID YOU KNOW? Savvy couples are turning to a newer, kinder and gentler, way to divorce, keeping their business affairs confidential, without having to go to court or having a judge make decisions for them.

Collaborative Divorce offers an alternative method of dispute resolution, guided by the couple and their wishes, in a civil and respectful manner.

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AT LAST !! (But not quite)

Family Lawyers have been saying for years that the existing divorce laws, which first hit the statute book in 1969 (The Divorce Reform Act) are outdated, and do not reflect society today.

There was a real need to update the law to meet modern society, and a “No Fault” divorce Bill was drafted

It was making good progress through the various stages before it became law, but unfortunately when Parliament was prorogued it was scrapped along with all other Bills in the pipeline.

We can only hope that when things are a bit straighter it will make its way to the Statute Book…….so watch this space.