End of the Tunnel

We had just got over Brexit and Christmas, and then suddenly Corvid-B hits the world! The big difference is that of course Corvid can be fatal. It is not worth taking any chances at all in any circumstances, however isolated or locked in we may feel.

It can bring enormous strains to relationships if families are trapped in their homes, particularly in urban areas where isolated exercise can be difficult. The doom mongers are saying that there will be a rush of divorces when lockdown is over. Nothing like bad news! The truth is, nobody really knows.

All I would suggest is not to rush into anything without a lot of thought and consideration, and certainly not without talking things through with someone you trust, a friend, family or professional counsellors.

If you do feel that your relationship is at an end, and you need to do something formal and legal, please do contact me; I would be happy to talk things through with you and outline what your options are. There is no obligation, and in my experience often just talking can help.

Stay safe, stay well and stay in.

Pre-Nups and Downs

ON THE UP: Pre-Nups

DID YOU KNOW? You don’t necessarily need to already have huge personal wealth to seek a Pre-Nuptual agreement. More and more couples are making legal agreements about how to divide things fairly, taking a proactive approach towards tying the knot.

ON THE DOWN: Court-Imposed Divorce Orders

DID YOU KNOW? Savvy couples are turning to a newer, kinder and gentler, way to divorce, keeping their business affairs confidential, without having to go to court or having a judge make decisions for them.

Collaborative Divorce offers an alternative method of dispute resolution, guided by the couple and their wishes, in a civil and respectful manner.

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